Paint Nite

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

the example painting
Paint Nite was something Andres & I wanted to try after seeing a few of our friends recommended it to us. At first, Andres was a bit hesitant but it turned out to be a pretty fun night. I love that we were able to pick and choose which type of painting and at which location. It's a bummer that the ones hosted in the city (Manhattan) were a bit pricier than in the other boroughs, but we picked the "Fuji" painting at Grey Lady in the Lower East Side.
It was fairly easy, and our instructor was friendly & enthusiastic about everyone finding their own style. We went through the steps together, but were also able to be creative in our own ways. After the class, we glanced at everyone's work and our personal styles really showed through. We are already hoping to do it again sometime soon!
Yummy drink, btw!
Our finished pieces
Have you participated in Paint Nite?



mybeautrip said...

Great. Thanks for sharing!

Slamdunk said...

No, but what a great idea. Another blogger friend this week posted on attending a similar class and loved it. And you both have way more talent than I do! Well done.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Wow, I have a couple friends who just did this with the same painting the other night here in the Bay Area. Looks like fun!

Yasya said...

Great idea! Would like to try it!

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