Visit to Jungwon

Thursday, May 28, 2015

First of all, congrats to Densyia for winning the Teavana In Bloom Collection in my last giveaway!

I recently visited the Jungwon NYC store, beautifully located by City Hall. I did see a couple of their fashion shows during Nolcha Fashion Week for a few seasons, so it was nice to be up close to the gorgeous array of jackets. Jungwon's outerwear are all waterproof, windproof, wrinkle-free, and breathable. It's definitely the winning combination for unpredictable weather here in New York. I tried on a few different styles and there were so many great looks to try from.

This jacket was one of my favorites - I love the rope-like waist closure. It's such a simple detail that elevates it to a whole new look. I ended up getting this jacket, and stay tuned for my next post to see how I wore it!


Jade Wright said...

Ooo I wish I could visit this store (and NYC)! It's winter in South Africa right now and the one thing I really need is a jacket!! But as I'm off on some travels to Bali, Philippines and Hong Kong next month where its super hot I'm trying not to waste my money on something that I'll only wear for two weeks :)

The blue of that coat is stunning!! xxx said...

Looks so cool! I would love to visit!
Melanie @

mybeautrip said...

I'd love to visit it!

J. said...

Both coats are beautiful, it must have been hard to choose! Can't wait to see how you wear it!

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