Tasty Thursdays: El Parador

Thursday, May 07, 2015

If you missed my post yesterday, I was raving about Mad Men Dining Week, to coincide with the final season of the show. All restaurants participating offered meals for $19.69 or two cocktails for the same price, and were all the hot spots during that time.

My coworker and I visited El Parador, and walking in, we were instantly awed. I had the Federico's Special, which isn't on their regular menu and consisted of an amazing beef taco with stuffed mozzarella cheese. On the side we had beans & rice.

We opted to go for the entree and the dessert instead of an appetizer and the entree. It was so hard to choose between all of them but ultimately, I went with the dulce de leche angel cake and she went with the sweet rice pudding, and we shared. Both were divine! Personally, the dulce de leche was too sweet for me, and a smaller portion would have been enough for me. It was delicious though. The rice pudding would have been my choice if I went again & it was offered on their regular menu. I definitely plan on revisiting and trying their other dishes!


Denysia Yu said...

The food looks good! :)

Gracey Williams said...

Mad Men dining week?! Why did we not have that here?

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Unknown said...

The location and food looks so good!



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