Target Too Gallery

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Recently, Target presented "Target Too" at a Chelsea gallery in NYC. It featured works of art and sculptures all made from products currently available at Target. It was a fun display, seeing the Target dog made out of legos, a lips portrait made entirely of thousands of EOS lip balms, and even a working record player made out of Bose speakers. Guests were even able to interact with the pieces via the Target Too app. We could hover the art with our phones and it would instantly come to life. Animated rain drops would fall with the work displayed above, the lips would give you a kiss, etc. The next song to be played could be voted for selection.

There was even a printing station where you can design your own t-shirt, iPhone case, or tote bag and take it home with you. I arrived at the very last hour of the entire 6-day event so I was there too late to place a printing order in. Nonetheless, it was an interesting experience and cool to see!


Unknown said...

Seems like a cool concept!

M said...

great shots! cool concept!

Gracey Williams said...

The lips and the honey bear are awesome!

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M said...

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