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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, a stylist friend of mine, Jamie Salazar, invited me to visit the Michele Varian store in SoHo for a tarot card reading. It was a fun night, and the store offered amazing ceramics & art - I could browse for hours. Jamie was only doing the reading for 3 nights, and luckily I went early on the first night. I heard it was packed the next two nights!
She started by "sageing" me, burning sage around me for wisdom and clarity. I learned that tarot cards aren't about predicting the future, but bringing focus and channeling certain situations/feelings. I received these 4 cards: the moon, four pentagrams, swords, and temperance.
Overall, it was about needing balance in my life. Apparently, there is anxiety, stress, and feeling of being overwhelmed - which was true since it was a chaotic week at work. I was also told I needed to compromise on something, and I'm not sure what it be yet.

It was interesting for my first read. Since Jamie became so popular, the store asked her to come back once a week - so there's a possibility she might be able to give you a reading as well (if you're in the NYC area)!



The Flynnigans said...

Really nice to meet you. I'm Lindsay (from Authentic Bloggers).

I've never had a tarot card reading but would definitely sit down and listen. :) Glad you had a good experience and I look forward to reading more about you.


Kimberlee VDW said...

I got my first tarot reading for Dating Girl lol definitely interesting. She was right about my career but hasn't been right about the romance dept. Womp womp.

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