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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Last weekend, my friends & I went to Morgan Town Bar in Brooklyn to see a group exhibition, curated by my friend Katie Killary. It featured some of her photography in addition to work of other artists: Gustavo Ponce, Kyle C Mumford, and Andru Eron.

"The selected artists document the streets, the people, the pets, and the structures they see that both inspire and stimulate them to no measurable degree each day. Toxicity, enchantment, humor, distance, noise -- this is what we see when we look through the lens and find ourselves on the inside."

The art was incredible and it was such a fun night - time flew by!
with Andres & Tanuka

with Natasha & Katie
If you're in NYC, be sure to head over to Morgan Town Bar (44 Wilson Ave in Brooklyn) until March 31st to see the art!

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