Super Bowl Boulevard

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Did you watch the Super Bowl?

I honestly only watch for the commercials and the half time show. (My fave was the Doritos Time Machine commercial & Bruno Mars rocked it!) Anyway, since the Super Bowl was held in New Jersey this year, NYC definitely celebrated with Super Bowl Boulevard that stretched throughout Times Square. The most popular attraction was the Toboggan Run, and I was going to do it but the line was craaazy! Though, I'm sure it was fun for those who did.

I checked out the area on opening night with my friend Joe and another time during the day with some coworkers. There's a players' lounge (where you can find out stats, etc.), M&Ms and Snickers photo booth + free candy, the Vince Lombardi trophy to pose with, and other activities. Nearby, Bryant Park also hosted the Verizon Power House where you can take fan photos, have a virtual chat with a computed football player, make your own touchdown dance, and best of all charge up your phone.


FashionJazz said...

I have never watched it but all my friends from America chats about it :)

I hope you well hun xx

Unknown said...

Super what?? Seriously, though...I am so not a fan of football; but that toboggan run looks like a blast!!

Slamdunk said...

Even as an adult, that toboggan run looks fun. I would not be able to keep the kids away from it.

naveen said...

great you are in super bowl awesome

Kimberlee said...

I avoid Super Bowl Blvd like the plague because 1) Times Sq and 2) Times Sq lol but the sledding did look fun. Great pics :)

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