Love Me Sugar Sleep Masks

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Love Me Sugar offers vintage-inspired handmade sleeping masks. Based in Paris, designer Natalie Vella combines vintage and modern styles as well as luxurious comfort into these beautiful pieces. She pulls her creative inspiration from old films. They're absolutely beautiful and there's a gorgeous assortment of other eye lingerie pieces made of silk, satins, lace, and cotton for both men and women to feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable.

I had the opportunity to try a couple of these wonderful sleep masks (seen above) and they feel so soft and luxurious indeed. It definitely helps keep the bright light out for afternoon naps or even the sunshine for days you'd like to sleep in. There's the adjustable band in addition to the silk tie closure. The band feels more snug on your face, if you prefer something like that. Otherwise, the silk tie is more lightweight. Both masks makes me wish I could get away with hitting the snooze button more every morning. ;)

I think these sleep masks also make great luxe Christmas gifts. They're perfect for those who want to feel a little more glamorous at night or they can even make essential travel items.

Designer Natalie Vella (also referred to as Mad Emoiselle Sugar) describes her creations as "eye lingerie" that bring a sense of glamour, empowerment and beauty to each person who wears them.

"My sleepmasks are not simply something to cover your face at night. They are soft, elegant and functional eye lingerie to cover your beautiful eyes."
What do you think of sleeping masks?

*This post was created in collaboration with Love Me Sugar. I received two sleeping masks for this review. Opinions stated are solely mine.

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Of the comely said...

These are lovely. I think they're a bit too dainty and intimate for travel, but I could definitely use them at home.

M said...

these are adorable and totally needed in nyc!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

They're beautiful!

yummychunklet said...

What cute masks!

Unknown said...

Certainly very cute...but not for me!! I've never tried one, but due to this weird squeamishness I have that kicks in at night (no ear plugs or mouth guard for me!) I think the feel of it would KEEP me from falling asleep!! :(

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