Fitness Fridays: Hike + Howl

Friday, June 28, 2013

For my boyfriend's birthday, I took him to a hike + howl adventure, booked through Discover Outdoors. He loves wolves. so part of the trip was to visit a wolf sanctuary to see timber, tundra, and arctic wolves up close. Located in New Jersey, the Lakota Wold Sanctuary wolves were raised by humans so they're used to having people around. For wolves, they were well behaved and friendly. The place housed foxes and bobcats as well.

Later on, we trekked on a 3.5/4 mile hike up Kittatinny Ridge. It was definitely a work out! The constant elevation up in addition to the rocky texture of the trail slowed me down. (Below is a photo of just the beginning so it wasn't so bad.) However, straggling behind had some perks. My boyfriend & I were the only ones of the group that got to admire a family of deer and some small frogs in the woods. (Everyone else was busy climbing up.) We finally reached a natural pond/lake where we stopped for lunch. The group took a shortcut back down and it was much easier hiking back. Even though we were tired at the end, we both had an amazing time.
Below is a video I took of one of the wolves howling:

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7 comments : said...

Oh wolves! :)

Lilli said...

Must have been amazing!:) Love wolves too! Kisses! xo

Beauty Unearthly said...

I adore wolvew, these are the best animals ever=))
thank you so much for review!

I flw with pleasure on your with GFC
hope you flw me back

J. said...

Beautiful post! The wolves reminds me of German shepherd/husky that I had (R.I.P.) They are so amazing!

Lauren said...

These are such stunning photos girl! Wish I were there taking a hike :P xo

Paint Me Blooming said...

Nothing is more enchnating and graceful than wolves! It is my favorite animal :)

des bisous
(>^o^<) Adeline


Glad that you both had an amazing time. It looks lie a beautiful place, I love the photos you took.

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