Anne Bowen & JLM Couture

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A couple of days ago, I attended the Anne Bowen Fall/Winter 2013 show. It was held in Toshi's Penthouse in the Flatiron Hotel. Titled "Compass Winds", the collection was romantic, modern, and glamorous. The designs were inspired by ocean and wind currents -- the draping of the fabrics mimicked the nature of wind and water. There was gorgeous lace and beading.
 There were also these delicious drinks, thanks to Double Cross Vodka. I personally like more of a fruity drink and these were sweet and yummy.
Next, I attended the JLM Couture show. It's a company comprised of multiple designers, giving shoppers a large variety of styles and looks suited for any bride-to-be. JLM's designers are: Lazaro, Hayley Paige, Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm, Blush, Tara Kelly, and Occasions. There was a beautiful buffet reception beforehand, and an even more gorgeous show.
You can view more photos on my Facebook page or check out this video I took below -- I even captured the gorgeous trees with stunning glitter floating down :)

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Sherin said...

These dresses are gorgeous. I'd love them for a wedding.

Anonymous said...

What fun wedding gowns!

janettaylor said...

Amazing all!

ZoƩ said...

Such beautiful dresses!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These gowns are GORGEOUS.

StyleMeBAD said...

stunning!!!! I want to go to a bridal boutique just for fun!

Marisa @ Broke with Designer Taste said...

Wow, these are gorgeous! I wish I could be there in person. So jealous. And thank you so much for stopping by my blog :)


Jayme and Mendi said...

These dresses are amazing!! Love each of them!!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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