CSN Adjustable Bar Stools

Saturday, November 27, 2010

At my college, we have these really cute bar stools & I wondered where could provide them. The first place I checked out was CSN, and they have a variety of adjustable bar stools.

They have all kinds of them - from the simple ones of just the seat, the ones with the back, and even some with arm resters.They even have interesting designs like the one below!I think the adjustable bar stools are great for any room - bedroom, living room, kitchen. They're easy to move around so it's handy. Of course they can be adjusted to any table surface which is definitely convenient as well.

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Reyna @reynasblogxo said...

Love those, they look so cool! xx

Grace said...

How cool! I love the first ones.

Strand Cafe said...

I love these....please check out my new blog.

btd. said...

These look so cool. I'd probably fall out of them though. xD

J. said...

I love these! I actually have bar stools at home and while they are not really comfortable, I like them anyway, because that keeps you from sitting on your butt for hours in a row! ;)

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