Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld

Saturday, September 12, 2009

One of my favorite channels I like to watch on my spare time is the Sundance Channel. There is a new (or at least new to me) series provided by Full Frontal Fashion called The Day Before. This series basically documents designers days before a fashion show.

Last night, it was Fendi by Karl Lagerfeld. It showed the raw view of the processes of a fashion show. If you've seen Unzipped (the movie about Isaac Mizrahi preparing for his show) - just think something similar to that, but done within an hour.

Everyone works really hard to put this all together - not only Karl Lagerfeld, but all the seamstresses, hairdressers, make up artists, and models. One quote he said that stood out to me was, "Discipline is effortless and priceless."
<3 Audrey Allure


SUGAR said...

wow, awesome channel! i love karl lagerfeld, he is definitely a wannabe philosopher, some of the stuff he comes out with is so insightful!

and plus, he's creative director of chanel, which automcatically makes him a god ;)


fashion doll said...


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Tania said...

karl definitely is one of the wisest living people..his quotes desingate him as coco's deign heir :)

Miss Neira said...

all his quotes are amazing!! hes a genius

mel said...

i love love karl <3

Becky (everyday makeup) said...

i didnt know about this. i must see this show. I bet the making and preparation is intense.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Sounds awesome!

Sher said...

He is definitely a LEGEND!

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