Fashion's Night Out

Friday, September 11, 2009

Who participated in Fashion's Night Out last night? I did! & I went with my friend Angelica. We spent most of my night in the upper east side although I also wanted to see a few places in SoHo, there just wasn't enough time. But where we went was definitely worth it.First, for those who DON"T know what Fashion's Night Out is. It is when select retailers (all over the world) open their stores later and some hold events within their stores. Celebrities, magazine editors, fashionistas, elites, everyone comes out to shop. It's to get everyone excited about shopping again. Also, 40% of total proceeds go to the September 11 fund. There are tshirts available for sale that say Fashion's Night Out. (However, I got the bag instead at Payless).

First stop: Alicia + Olivia. They were holding this contest where you get your hair+makeup done, pose for a shot, and soon someone from the industry may pick you for something. Not really sure on the details since Angelica only participated. I'm no model. lol

Second stop: Christian Siriano at Payless!! He's so fierce <3 He also signed my bag I bought.
Third stop: Carson Kressley at New York & Co. He was showing off a few models first, wearing clothing from New York & Co. Then he encouraged people to dance around him lol. Then he finally signed my paper & posed for a shot with me. lol
Fourth stop: We were going to see Katy Perry. But it turns out the place where she was at was (or became) exclusive once we got there. Only people on the list were allowed in, but from what we saw there were cocktails, live models in the window displays, live DJ, and lots of socializing. lol

After an exhausting night of walking, we decided to call it a night. Plus this event happens from 6-11PM, so there wasn't much time left.

<3 Audrey Allure


SUGAR said...

aaaw i wannted to go!! i cant remember if they were going to have one in england... grr have serious americana-fever now!

sucks about katy perry though, my friend walked past her at the V festival and said she looked totally airbrushed, like a barbie doll. Apparently it was kinda creepy... maybe it was for the best!

love the blog :)


Miss Neira said...

aww you met him! thats awesome
looks like a fun night!

Tania said...

Audrey thanks so much for the comment!! Yes i've been there too, in Milan!! I've posted my review too, come back and check it! Anyway the NY sounds amazing! The Milan one was too :D i've never enjoyed myself that much ever.. now it also turns out they saw me on TV on the news LOL!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

That sounds sooo fabulous!! You are so lucky. I'm glad you had great time. :)

amynaree said...

that sounds like so much fun! i didn't go out but i did stay home and watched project runway! does that count? hehe

mel said...

haha he's so funny

mina said...

That sounded awesome!

Natalie said...

Looked like so much fun! i love spotting random celebs :)


caroLove said...

I am sooo jealous of you miss Audrey!

xoxo anna

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