America's Best Dance Crew: Martial Arts

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tonight's episode of America's Best Dance Crew was a bit disappointing. All the crews could have done SO much better. However, I think Rhythm City was the best of the night - and I'm glad they went through to next week despite being in the bottom two this week. And even though Vogue Evolution still wasn't as fabulous as they can be, I'm still rooting for my fierce ladiesss. haha

<3 Audrey Allure


amynaree said...

i agree, i felt like most performances lacked energy for some reason..bleh

Rai said...

Agreed. I hate the themes they had.
Other than Rhythm City, I liked Vouge Evolution.

And I hate the fact that the girl group was called first, I thought they sucked last week.

mina said...

I didn't even know they started a new season! Gosh I'm so socially handicapped! XD

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