Sultana Cafe

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stayed in Queens for once instead of going out to the city haha. Surprised? Some of my other friends sure were. haha Went to the Sultana Cafe in Astoria to do some hookah with Gisel, Veronica, Max, Alexis, Bilal, and Andres. We got three of them: a berry mix, a house mix (which has citrus fruits in it), and pomegranate. I personally liked the pomegranate and the house mix.<3 Audrey Allure


mina said...

Another great time. Lol.

Blueishy said...

Wow hookah! Arabs are so addicted with that.
I tried that once but I had a terrible migraine after.

Jam said...

wow...some crazy pictures you got here.

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