CAT Footwear's Earthmovers

Friday, October 09, 2015

The other day, I attended the CAT Footwear Earthmovers event, co-hosted by the current Earthmovers and sponsored by Liberated Wines. Guests had the chance to view the beautiful Spring collection. The color palette was definitely a lot lighter and more vibrant than the autumnal collection. One of my favorites was the bright pink work boot (that also came in other variations with its own spectrum of pink).

During the event, there was a contest to find the next Earthmover. The grand prize is a paid #Earthmovers contract that will include cash, boots, a professional photoshoot, web feature, and being in Cat’s 2016 #Earthmovers campaign. Runner-up prizes also included gifts like Nordstrom gift cards, a whiskey prize pack from Kings County Distillery, and a 1-year subscription to SprezzaBox. To enter, you could take a picture with a written response or tell it to a camera. I decided to share my answer on camera - and now crossing my fingers!


Kylie R. said...

Great event! I'm loving this footwear <3

Kylie R. said...

Great event! I'm loving this footwear <3

HiFashion said...

The collection looks amazing. They've come so far from the days of just doing work wear boots.

Cellini K. said...

It looks amazing!

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