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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

For the last half of the final season of Mad Men, many activities around New York City are happening. One being the Mad Men Dining Week, which was about a month ago (yes, I'm way behind on blogging!) Other events include museum exhibits, talks with Matthew Weiner, etc. They even have a Mad Men Avenue and a Don Draper Way sign set up by the Time & Life Building (headquarters of the fictional Sterling Cooper & Partners), where you can even have a seat next to the iconic Don Draper silhouette on the bench [more info here].
I love food, and I went 3x that week during the Dining Week. All restaurants offered a deal of 2 entrees OR two cocktails for $19.69. The locations were the hot spots during the Mad Men times, and some still are! A few offered special cocktails named after the show, while most offered amazing dishes regular to their menu.

I went to Harding's with my friend Sarah. While I've been there before for a previous unrelated event (by the bar area), it was nice to explore a new part of the restaurant that I didn't get to see before. It was bigger than I realized, and we actually ended up choosing other options from the menu instead of the Mad Men Week deal.

Another day, I went to the majestic Tavern on the Green with Andres. They did close for awhile, but reopened within the last year. We were late for our reservation so we weren't seated in the main dining area under the gorgeous glass walls, with the view of the park, but seated by the lounge/bar was a lot cooler (not under the heat of the sun). It also felt more private and the best part? We were seated two seats away from Chef Eric Ripert!
The dishes offered weren't on their regular menu so it was nice to enjoy these amazing meals. We devoured the salmon with pears & dill sauce for the appetizer, chicken with mashed potatoes, and topped it off with the red wine soaked pears with salted caramel ice cream.

Read about the third place I visited, tomorrow for Tasty Thursdays!


Unknown said...

I loved this concept! Going to miss Mad Men :(

Denysia Yu said...

The food looks excellent! :)

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