Fitness Fridays: Yoga Style

Friday, February 27, 2015

Lately, I’ve been getting into yoga - on top of going to the gym 3 times a week. It’s a refreshing and relaxing change from cardio. It’s also convenient, since I have the option to do it at home. It’s been freezing cold outside in NYC (in the negatives!), and you almost don’t want to leave the warmth indoors. I admit, there have been times this winter, when I’ve chosen to stay in and cuddle up for a Netflix/Hulu binge.

Honestly, I’ve been wearing the same type of clothes I do for the gym – which are usually a looser fit for comfort. I definitely don’t want to be worrying about pulling up or pulling down & adjusting while I’m working out at the gym. Yoga is different though. In some positions, it’s much easier with clothes that fit closer to the body. Yoga pants are really the way to go.
Sweaty Betty
I’ve been looking for new yoga clothes and gear, and love these options. The Sweaty Betty harem pant is the perfect combination of comfort and functionality. You can stretch and bend without feeling like you’re revealing too much. I also love the print of these leggings. They’re so fun, and they brighten your mood.
BKR, Happy Socks, Forever 21
Sometimes, I wear socks – depending where I am. Sweaty Betty has options for good grip. Happy Socks offers eclectic patterns and prints in various lengths that range from the ankle to knee highs.
Forever 21 is having a sale on t-shirts & tank tops, and I picked up a bunch since they’re perfect for layering, mixing, and matching. Shopping around SoHo, I noticed Aritzia has these super cute sports bras which are equally comfortable. The BKR water bottle is one of the newest trends I’ve spotted around. They’re glass bottles with silicone rubber casing, and come in fun colors. I personally have the one (the “London” bottle that’s gray with a white heart) for everyday, but I’ve been planning on getting another for a pop of color. And my yoga mat, pictured above, is actually from Target! It has great grip and comes in other hues and sizes.

What’s your work out style?



HiFashion said...

I do love a bit of yoga. Still need to take it up completely rather than at odd times. These are some cute outfit options for yoga.

The Flynnigans said...

Unique sports bra, I like it.

I'm a devote fan of Lululemon. It takes the abuse and for a sweat hog like myself, they're perfect. Lululemon might be expensive but as long as you take care of your clothing, it'll last you years. :)


M said...

have a healthy weekend!!!

missklicious said...

love heated vinyasa yoga - the perfect balance of working out and relaxing!
I can't go past lululemon for tops and bras, and onzie for leggings.

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