Skype Ambassador & Moment Makers Dinner

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The other night, Andres & I attended a Skype Moment Makers dinner party, hosted by Skype Ambassadors. We enjoyed blueberry mojitos and caipirinhas for cocktail hour, while mingling with other moment makers. For dinner, we were treated to a fun jamming session by Skype Music Ambassador Frank Bell. Later on in the night, he teamed up with his friend Albe Harlow over Skype for a duet - I'm certainly impressed with the timeliness of the sounds over Skype.

As for food, Skype Food Ambassador Tom Le Mesurier, located in Brazil, actually taught the venue's kitchen how to make the delicious meals via Skype. We devoured pulled oxtail with watercress over a sourdough crouton, a Brazilian shrimp stew with coconut milk & rice (I'm allergic to shellfish, so they prepared a vegetarian version for me, which was absolutely scrumptious!), and ended with vanilla tapioca pudding with cachaca and blueberry reduction.

We were all gathered mainly to support a silent auction, where all proceeds will go toward the Skype Moment Makers Social Good initiative.


Unknown said...

This looks like it was so fun! Did you get anything at the silent auction?

Tiffany Kadani said...

How fun! So happy you get to go to fun things like this.

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