Room Escape Adventure

Friday, January 23, 2015

My friends & I wanted to try something new, and I discovered Room Escape Adventures. The current theme features a "zombie", chained within the locked room. A group, of at most 12 people, need to search the room for clues and solve these challenging puzzles - in order to find the key that will open the door to freedom. Every 5 minutes, the zombie's chain extends a foot which makes it harder to navigate around the room for fear of not getting touched.

It reminds me of that game you play when you're younger, trying not to touch the floor because it's "lava", and you manage to get around by climbing over chairs and tables. However, here of course, you can touch the floor and you get to solve these brain teasers. Apparently, the chance of succeeding is 21%, and a group of Yale students solved it in record time of 52 minutes. (You only get one hour).

We almost had it, if we were given another 2 minutes, but the timer went off right before we were able to get the master key. Andres & I went with our friends Natasha & Gurbir, but we were put into a group of strangers. It was a lot of fun doing it together while learning how to work alongside random people. It's definitely an experience, and we're hoping to catch their next theme so we could try it again!


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HiFashion said...

This sounds amazing! I've wanted to do this for ages. I even prospected it to my team at work for 'team building'.

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