Tani USA

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Tani USA is a high end men's underwear brand that recently launched here in the US. Boxers are approximately $50, and are made from the finest European fabrics, which also help keep cool and comfortable.The designs are streamlined, classic and modern. The t-shirt feels so luxurious, I would wear it myself!

Of course, my boyfriend Andres tested these products & he absolutely loves them. "It's comfortable, breathable and I feel as if I'm not wearing anything at all. I feel the gentle support without it squeezing. I love it."


J. said...

My hubby isn't into buying nice underthings, but he certainly appreciates them as a gift. A great tee is always something to love!

M said...

ow ow! for the men!!

ps. are you in NYC? I have having a networking event on March 11! email me at bellesandrebelles@gmail.com and i can send you the info!!!



Will have to tell the bf about these. Thanks for the intro. :) xx

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