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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Mountain tees are so fun! They're known for these big faces of animals, which I find hilarious in a good way. I wore this kitten shirt out for a weekend lunch and I've had people come up to me to ask where I got it from. The Mountain team sent me 3 shirts they picked out for me, and I couldn't have chosen them better myself!

As some of you might already know, I have an orange cat, Cooper. (less than a year old, his instagram is @kittyc0oper btw!) The tee reminds me of him so I absolutely adore it.

I went for a grungier look in terms of my make up, experimenting with a plum lip. I paired the outfit with a Vivienne Kelly necklace featuring a dainty little heart and Dr. Scholl's black wedges (yes, they actually have fashion-forward shoes now!).

t-shirt - The Mountain; necklace - Vivienne Kelly; jeans - Express; wedges - Dr. Scholl's


Johanna L. said...

Such cute shirts! ♥

Unknown said...

Love that lip on you! Such fun shirts! Really love the wolf one!

Galaxia ♥ Pink Lipstick said...

Is it weird that I wanna cuddle...your shirt? haha The kitty is just so cute! I'm happy I'm following your blog! :)

yummychunklet said...

Aw! Cute top!

Sherin said...

I love that cat top! It's the cutest.

MOSAMUSE said...


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