Asymmetrical Lines

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I am loving asymmetrical hemlines lately. This Anna asymmetrical blouse from Zamrie is absolutely perfect. It feels so luxurious and it's an exquisite fit. I can't wait for spring weather so I can wear it more often without layering! (FYI, it was freezing when taking this photo outside; I don't know how bloggers can pull it off so well without a coat!) I'm loving the sheer panels, showing just the right amount of skin. Decided to pair it with my big Claire Vivier fold over clutch, which is also asymmetrical in a sense.

blouse - Zamrie; clutch - Claire Vivier; jeans - Uniqlo; shoes & necklace - Forever 21

What do you look forward to wearing in the spring?


Sherin said...

That's such a lovely top. I love the asymmetrical style to it. It's also a great colour.

Slamdunk said...

Great look Audrey. I am looking to wear anything that does not involve a winter hat and gloves for sure.

Call me M said...

Beautiful outfit! Love your clutch and shoes!
Thank you for commenting on my blog! :)

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