Friday, November 23, 2012

Quirky is an amazing company that allows clever inventors a chance to showcase their creative products with others. They bring two new consumer products to the market each week. Some of the inventions I saw looked so cool! I had the opportunity to review two wonderful items -- the citrus spritzer and two measuring spoons.
The citrus spritzer allows you to spray the juice from a lemon or lime easily without having to cut it open and squeeze. It was pretty easy to insert and it sprayed pretty well. It definitely keeps things neater.
The measuring spoons were handy to have around and it lets you skip the step of measuring with a separate spoon or cup so you can directly mix the ingredient right away. The bigger spoon measured in tablespoons while the smaller one measured in teaspoons. 

These are great gift items for the foodie in your life :)

*Items were gifted for review. Opinions stated are solely mine.

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:: Lavender's Green :: said...

I've seen the citrus spritzer on PInterest before and wondered if it was just a gimmick. Pretty cool to know it actually does work!

x Jasmine

Tiffany Kadani said...

I am such a sucker for things like this!!!!

Herdiana Surachman said...

OMG they are so cute, a lots of an inventions and the things like this always impressed me and make me smile

Herdiana Surachman

DORIS said...

Wow, amazing items, so creative but still very practical. Love that!


noone said...

hmm this would be a good tool to make any type of salad! have a great thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

I've seen these insert spritzers. I've wondered if they really work!

Paulina said...

Nice post ;)

Anonymous said...

The measuring spoons are so innovative ! Would love to have them !

Much Love
The Heiress Blog

Bionica said...

Hey Audrey
hope your thanksgiving was absolutely fab!!!
and omg I did not realize that the spray was directly on the lemon
this is tré cool
and I would totally go for the measuring spoons!!!
makes baking a little cooler =)


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