Project Runway Ep 3 + Q&A with Raul Osario

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Last week's episode, the designers met Tim Gunn at South Street Seaport.  They were paired up and Lexus cars took them to each of their clients. It was discovered that their clients were former Project Runway contestants! They had to create an Emmy look for each of them.
My favorite look of the night was Nathan & Sonjia's gold creation - absolutely beautiful and so fitting within the trends right now.
It was Alicia & Raul's look that put them in the bottom two. Both being menswear designers, it was surprising they chose to make a gown.
Guest judge was Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23's Krysten Ritter. It was a dramatic judging session, especially when personalities and styles are starting to clash.

Unfortunately, Raul Osorio was the one eliminated -- therefore this week's Q&A is with Raul.

Q: Since it was a team challenge, do you think it was fair that only one person was eliminated; do you think a double elimination would be more fair?
Raul: It’s a game, and you have to play it right. We both did 50/50 and one needed to go home. I don’t do dresses for the red carpet. I’m not hurt about the fact that I was the one going home – the situation is okay by me. It’s alright.

Q: If you could do it over, would you go in the direction of menswear or would you still pursue making a gown?
Raul: I would definitely do a suit. We [+Alicia] are very good with menswear. I wouldn’t have listened to Mila and changed the fabric. That was my mistake. There were too many cooks in the kitchen – everyone was making decisions for everyone. I don’t like team challenges, you have to compromise your design.

Q: Were there other designers you wanted to work with?
Raul: The first time I went on the show, I knew I wanted to work with Alicia so I was glad I got to work with her. She was my first choice; I just wish we ended up with something different.

Q: Out of the final designers, who do you think will make the final 3?
Raul: You know – its hard. Everyone is very talented. When I first met everyone, they have different styles and different aesthetics. I don’t have a favorite. The show is getting harder and everyone is getting nasty, this is just the beginning.

Q: How do you feel about other contestants dropping out from the show?
Raul: If people didn’t want to be in the competition, they shouldn’t have applied. If they don’t have the balls to take it then don’t enter. Don’t take all the people’s spots.

Q: If you could, which celebrity would you design for?
Raul: If I could go back in time - this might sound silly - but I would design for Johnny Cash. [...] But it’s all about personality and some people can’t carry your stuff.

Q: What’s next for you?
Raul: I would concentrate on my menswear. I would like to move. I’m currently in MN and moving to NY to look for other opportunities.

Q: Have there been any new opportunities for you after the show?
Raul: There have been a lot of interviews. For me, to find an opportunity is to move.

Q: If you weren’t in a team challenge, do you think you would still be eliminated?
Raul: If I had Mila, I would be safe. But I don’t identify with her. I have nothing bad to say about Alicia, it was a beautiful experience. I don’t like team challenges. Your design is always compromised. 

Q: If you could choose out of all the former contestants on Project Runway, who would you choose?
Raul: Christian Siriano. I wish I had a guy. There’s guys and girls at the Emmys too. I just wish I had him.

Q: Who do you think is an intimidating judge?
Raul: None of the them are intimidating to me. Heidi was fun to interact with. I don't know, I’m not scared of them. I was not intimidated. That’s my answer I guess.

Q: The drama with Christopher and Andrea on the runway - can you tell us more about what it was like on the runway stage?
Raul: Christopher and I became great friends on the show. Seeing him break down on the runway, it was weird. He wants it so badly, we all did.

Q: Was the Chris and Gunnar love/hate relationship real?
Raul: That Christopher is 100% Chris; there is no acting there. As for Gunnar, I think people just get on the show just to be on a reality show. He’s extremely talented but I also think he was aggrevated that he was eliminated before and he’s going to get his 5 minutes of fame no matter what.

Q: Best piece of advice you received from judges?
Raul: Why didn’t you stick to what you know? I don’t have to change my aesthetic or what I do in order to please others. Clients will come if they can identify with my work.

Q: What did you like about being judged by Krysten Ritter?
Raul: To be honest, I had no idea who she was. I don’t really watch TV.

Q: Advice for future contestants?
Raul: Just stick to yourself. If you don’t have a personality – you better buy one or else you won’t get on the show.

The next Project Runway episode is tomorrow night at 9/8c on Lifetime! :)
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Jan said...

Love the gold dress too!


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i love project runway

great interview!

xix said...

Oh wow...I haven't watched Project Runway in so long! I definitely want to check that show out again. It's awesome that they still have the core of the show intact, even with the station change. ^^
Krysten Ritter is so classy, and her bangs are gorgeous. :) Woah, lovely interview! Do you contact the designers? Or are they part of the show?

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Mimi said...

wow, this is really cool! i had fun reading this q&a! :D

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Love the yellow dress :)

Jodie said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog- sorry its taken so long to reply!
i agree that gold outfit is AMAZING! I think i would even wear it (and i rarely even wear colour)
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So cool!

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Wow I want the yellow dress. It is amazing.

Style-Delights said...

Fun interview..sad for him..Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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I like his advise for the contestents, I think that works for everything else in life. Need your own voice and personality!!

Kat said...

wow such a great interview!!! i really liked him on the show! sad to see him go :(

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So fun that you are right there blogging this--love the interview!
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Amazing post!

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I can't see project runway here... UGH!!! I miss this show!!!

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nice recap!

Unknown said...

Raul deserves the right to be angry at the contestants that dropped out! I was just talking about this with a few ladies around my office at Dish, and we think it was extremely selfish of Andrea to bail in the middle of the night instead of volunteering to be dismissed in place of poor Raul! I’m just glad that she is gone, and I can’t wait to see her leave. Luckily, I won’t have to fight with my boyfriend for the remote tonight now that we’ve upgraded to the Hopper DVR, which lets us watch or record up to six things at once. Goodbye, Andrea!

Debra Turner said...

I am surprised how entertaining these fashion design reality shows are. When I watch an episode, I'm hooked! Here's a great summer dress I wrote about on my own blog, the Rock Fish dress:
So comfortable!

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WOW!!!! Were you actually at the shooting?? That is sooo cool.

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