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Monday, August 15, 2011

You might remember me mentioning my friend's band, The Drop-Out Record, when I saw them perform live last month. Well, I was able to do a Q&A session with the lovable front man/vocalist, Giovanni.

How did the Drop-Out Record come together? Where did the Drop-Out Record name come/inspire from?
Well…when a man and a women love each other…lol.. No but, The Drop-Out Record was originally an untitled project I started with my friend, Mike Davis, and amazing songwriter and keyboard player, I was blessed to meet my freshman year at SUNY Purchase College. We hit it off immediately and with a few of his half done originals and mine, we found ourselves with some catchy-little pop tunes that our friends really loved.
When we both left college that year, we decided to ditch school and try to make it as musicians. I remember driving upstate to Owego to a cold, little shack that was apparently a church office with just a drum-set and a dry-erase board. And by the end of our five-day all nighters, working on a demo, all that was left was a sea of empty energy drink cans, an empty pack of Turkish silvers, and me with a 102 fever. Lol.
We had always talked about band names and thought about the bands that we felt sorta represented a time in our lives that we cherished. Like a summer album…or something like that. And so in all the going back and forth, we came up with The Drop-Out Record. The record that came out of our leaving school.
Later that year, Mike felt that his heart wasn’t here in New York and so he moved out to LA, where he lives now and the name kinda stuck with me. Which then evolved to a bigger idea to represent anyone who’s ever dropped out of something or felt dropped.

Describe your band. What do you think makes you different? Which bands do you think sound similar to yours?
We sound a lot like Destiny’s Child…like early Destiny’s Child. Lol. Uhh… You know it’s always hard to describe your own music but I will say that it’s feel good music. It’s intension, as of right now, is to tell of my experiences (mostly in love) and make you dance, sing, clap, and lose yourself for just 45 min or so.

Who writes your songs (as in the lyrics)? How do you work out the instrumental behind it?
Jesus writes our music. Lol. No seriously a guy from my building named Jesus writes all the songs. Lol. No, I write all the songs and when I write them I usually hear all the parts in my head and how they would go. But I gotta say, I’m truly blessed to have my friends who work with me on bringing songs to life.
Jeff “The Chef” Anthony is not only one of the most interesting and innovative bass players but he’s been my best friend since we’ve been in high school.
And Jordan “Drummer Lee” Rivera is a brilliant musician that understands music in a very outward way and one of the few drummers, I’ve ever heard that could make a drum-set sing.
I’m so thankful for these guys. Not just because we play shows together, or because they are my best friends…but because they inspire everyday to be that much better.

How often do you complete a song?
That’s actually a funny question. I write everyday. A new idea, a line or two, whatever. But finishing stuff usually doesn’t come until I get fed up with being in love with half of a verse and a chorus. But there’s a lot more finished songs, than are on the record and are coming soon.

Where does the inspiration come from? Who are your music idols?
I almost always use things directly from my own life. Things about life in New York City, past loves, present loves, anything that hogs up too much space in my mind.
I grew up Latino in The South Bronx…so, instilled in me are some of the biggest in Salsa and Hip-Hop. My mom was always a Top 40 girl, though. She loved pop-music like Mariah Carey and The Beatles and so it was always in the house.
In high school, I discovered bands like Blink 182, No Doubt, and Jimmy Eat World.
Now, I listen to almost everything. I’m a big fan of poets like Bright Eyes, Dylan, and Elliot Smith. I gotta say, I just love music.

What's the meaning behind your song, Clichés?
You know, it’s nothing super deep but something we can all relate to. It was one of the earlier songs I’d written that came after an “end of the world” break-up…LOL. But I feel that everyone’s been there, ya know. Where all you can do is think of that situation and everyone just drowns you in clichés. Hence THE SONG WAS BORN! Lol.

I noticed you posted your album online for the public. Will there be another album coming up anytime soon?
As long as...I can write and have air in my lungs there will albums. I’m actually currently recording a short, mostly acoustic EP that will be a slight change from this first album but as soon as I get back to school, we will be working on another rocking, up-tempo record. Oh, don’t you worry…BABY!

How long have you been a band?
The band was born the day I stopped learning Green Day covers and wrote my first song called “The Cat’s out of the Bag” this awful, three chord, mess of illogical poetry…I guess not much has changed. LOL.

Have you sent a demo to record companies or hope to make it big your own way?
You know. I never had something I was proud of like this new record. So this is truly the beginning. It feels like the first time…that’s…what…she…said… Sorry. Lol. No but for me, I’m not anti-record label or DIY. I just love making music and entertaining the fans we have. I’ve said this and I wish I always feel this way…if I can make music and self-sustain then I made it.

Have you always been in interested in music? What are your other interests/hobbies?
I’ve always been into entertaining people. And actually, in middle school, my music teacher, Mr. Randall diagnosed me… musically illiterate. I just couldn’t play violin or piano or anything and by the end of it, I was fourth chair concert bells which basically meant I got to do my math homework in class considering I never played.

Which musician/band would you like to work with one day?
Clay Aiken! Lol, I think that if I got to just spend some time with Paul McCartney and talk songwriting, which would do it for me.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Celebrating the 5th year anniversary of you asking me this question! Lol. That’s a Mitch Hedberg joke. But seriously, making music and still surrounded with great friends like the ones who worked on the record, inspire me to write, and all the ones who continue to support what I’m doing by coming out to shows and singing louder than me.

If you'd also like to hear some of his amazing music from his stellar album, "To All My Friends (The Walmart* Album)", check it out below!

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More power to the band and tell them to keep rocking to their music!

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What a fantastic interview, Audrey! This is suh a fun way to get to know more about the person behind the music! :)

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