Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today's song is "Drummer" by Coconut Records.


Anonymous said...

hahaha funny bag ;)

Unknown said...

thanks again Audrey :)

Teresa said...

I'm a big fan of Jason Schwartman and Coconut Records. Sweet.


Ciao Bella said...

okay lots of things!!!
1.)i love this song. i've listening to it about a million times.
2.)i love the way your blog looks now. its very springy. its pretty!
and 3.)i love all of your posts that are up.

Unknown said...

aw thanks for the comment! i love coconut records :) p.s. it looks like you've got quite the fashion experience under you belt. impressive!

helen xx

ak said...

it'd be nice to think that it can make a significant difference..but i agree i dont think it would help that much. it seems to me like most people are making it into a trend and as we all know...trends quickly fade.


C said...

That's a nice shot!

tanvi said...

I love how kooky Jason Schwartman is- what a great pic!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

Great song and that photo brought a smile to my face.

Charmalade said...

Oh my, I swoon at that picture of Jason Schwartzman (or however you spell that blasted name), I also really like Coconut Records. :)

Thanks for the nice comment, btw! I'm really liking your playlist.

Toast with Charmalade

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