Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's song is "Foundations" by Kate Nash.

Audrey Allure.


Carine said...

I love kate nash, her accent is irresistible ^-^

Anna Jane said...

I like this song :) Where is Kate Nash these days? She seems to have vanished!

p.s. do you fancy doing a link exchange? let me know :)

- Anna Jane xxx

The Trendy Fashionista said...

Nice song. thanks for your comment :)

-The Trendy Fashionista

Victoria said...

Looove Kate Nash !!
and thanks ^^

Johanna said...

ouuuu I love this Kate Nash- sorry I'm out of the loop! Thanks for the sweet tunes!

laura said...

divine song:)
&& aha i love her!!

check me out:

i would love to have you follow me!

Grace said...

Oh, I haven't listened to this song for a while...but I like it.

xo, Alexi said...

great images! the one with the kids boxing is my favorite.

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