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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I love shopping at Woodbury Commons (of course I usually shop in SoHo or on Fifth Avenue), but I head upstate New York just to shop at Woodbury at least once a year. Despite it being freezing, it gave us more reason to head into more stores. I bought a jewel cardigan from J. Crew, cologne from Saks (gift for my cousin), a clutch from Barney's (I always end up buying a clutch everytime I head into Barney's haha), a cute pink umbrella from Totes.

[Pictures to come when I use them. lol Sort of lazy to take pictures of it now]

My cousin bought an AMAZING dress from Prada & it looked so good on her too.

I was trying to search for a perfect tote bag for the spring semester at college, and some shoes but no luck there. Although, today I am heading downtown to SoHo so hopefully I score!<3 Audrey Allure


Leah said...

Hi Audrey! I love shopping at Woodbury outlet too whenever I'm in NY. The place has such a character which is not usual in other outlets.

Happy holidays to you!

Mina said...

Woodbury looks beautiful! Lol, can't wait to see those other pictures!

Paint it Black said...

Hi thanks for the comment you left on my blog I would be happy to exchange links with you xx

Fashion Wh0re said...

i Need to Go to New york i want to shop there...And thanks for the comment love to exchange links i'm adding you now..Nice Blog you've here

Fashion By He said...

love the outlets there!! great blog!!

link exchange?

-He approves

Couture Carrie said...

Ooooooh I looooove Woodbury Commons!
I have found some amazing deals there!


Jennifer Fabulous said...

That shopping outlet looks fabulous!! I wish I had one near me. :)

mommywonderland said...

That is such a cute outlet! Im adding you RIGHT NOW :)

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oh Oh Oh I so live near there!! I went here the day after Thanksgiving. Omg it was INSANE!!! You can totally get some good deals & they have everything you can think of there too.

Of course I'll add you to my blogroll!! Have a good day!


Hello Girl!

Merry Xmas!!!
Thanks so much for exchanging links to me! I love that!!

I wish you the best! Happy Holidays!

kisses and hugs,



Really pretty, and thank you for your comment. :) Let me know when you want to swap links. Thanks for asking. :)


Raptor Plateado said...

nice plaze.. greetings from mexico... i hope see you coment on my blog!!!

A said...

hi! I'm totally jealous of your outlet mall. Mine kinda sucks, no real designers. Anyways, tnanks for visiting my blog! And you're added on my blogroll ;)


Sharon Lei said...

Aloha A! Thanks for stopping by... Woodbury Commons looks so beautiful! What a great place to shop. :) I haven't been to NY (NYC) yet, but hope to make it there sometime in 2010... We can totally exchange links. following you now. :)

Love & Aloha, S

Sad China said...

God, I wish I lived in NY, eh? (:

Cafe Fashionista said...

The adorable factor of Woodbury Commons Outlet is literally through the roof - I need to visit there!! :)

Heart Charlie said...

OOOhhh yes, outlet shopping is like a drug! I love it ;) Nice post! I would love to exchange blog links, thanks for asking!! I am adding you to mine right now ;)


Angela said...

ohohohoh.... i miss woodbury. i wish i can just transport myself there now. : ) btw, of course i love to exchange link.

Sher said...

Oh I love your new snowflakes header!! I feel so Christmassy here!!

Good luck with the shopping, hope you find what you need!! And have a beautiful, magical Christmas, my dear:)


bananas. said...

it's funny...outlets all over always look the same. so pleasant and lively.

yay for finding clutch at barney's. i bet it's adorable.

Pedro said...

WOW, nice photos here!

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