Lucky Shops 2009

Sunday, November 08, 2009

This year at Lucky Shops, the charity was for Dress for Success. There were over 60 vendors/brands/booths set up. It was a lovely event. The first night is the VIP night & Melissa Joan Hart arrived. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to see her. But I had a great experience & I loved meeting new people, and it was nice bumping into people I already knew from my previous fashion experiences.

The second day was the first day open to the public, and it got pretty crowded but it wasn't so bad. I got a chance to walk around & a chance to browse but I didn't buy anything. The third&last day was probably the craziest and busiest day. You can see below, there were actual lines forming just to enter a certain booth to shop at. Although some booths (with higher prices) were mostly empty.

There was free hemming for jeans, which customers can pick up within 30 minutes. Free sampels of gelato were given, the coffee flavor was delicious! I actually had a good time, despite the fact I was just volunteering for the event.
<3 Audrey Allure


Cafe Fashionista said...

This sounds like such a wonderful experience and event. I'm so glad you had the chance to be a part of it.

By the way, loving the song. I adored The Bad Touch when I was about eleven! :)

Beth Dunn said...

That looks amazing! you go girl. xoxo


Sher said...

Whoa, looks like such a great event!! You're definitely lucky, girl:)

Melissa Joan Hart still look so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love all those bags! :)

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