Halloween 2009

Sunday, November 01, 2009

This year, I wasn't much in the Halloween mood. I guess I became so busy that Halloween was just another day for me. However, I did go out anyway. I spent the entire day with Andres - and I had a lot of fun & was definitely better than going to the parade in the Village or party hopping in the city.

We first had some lunch at BBQ Dallas. They put candy corn in my virgin pina colada (I just don't like alcohol). And I definitely satisfied my craving for a good burger. mmm. Then we headed to Pier 54, and it was perfect since it was just the two of us on the dock. I could just stare at a large body of water for hours.Then we had some coffee at Starbucks in Columbus Circle but there wasn't any empty tables or chairs to sit at, so we decided to sit by the fountains in Columbus Circle. The fountains are night are gorgeous. We basically stayed in the area for hours just chatting. It started to rain a bit so we went inside the Time Warner building and continued our conversation inside the seated area in Whole Foods. After, we just walked around & sat in Starbucks since it was emptier. I didn't want to go back home, but eventually we did. lol<3 Audrey Allure


SUGAR said...

candy corn in your cocktail?! sounds so bad thats its probably really really really good ;)

aaw sounds like such a nice date night! youre so lucky to live in the city


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, it sounds like you had the most romantic day ever. I'm envious. There's nothing more adorable than just sipping coffee at a cute cafe and chatting with the one you love. Glad you had a good time, darling! :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Gorgeous photos. It sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween. You are so pretty in that first photo!

Maggie said...

Yeah, sour patch kids are awesome!
I love sour patch watermelons as well! :)

SwatchCrazee said...

nothing better than spendin quality time with the bF ;)

Sher said...

aww, what a great way to spend your Halloween weekend! The night pics are beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Aw what a fun halloween! so cute they put candy corn in the drink, I would love that all year round! haha

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