Lady Gaga in Comic Book Form

Friday, October 09, 2009

In Marc Jacobs stores, you can now buy these comic books based on Lady Gaga, which also "name-drops St. John, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent". These books are only $2.

They were created by an artist, Brian Einersen.

According to Comics Alliance, "It wouldn't be much of a stretch to see Lady Gaga as a superhero, given that she already dresses like one."

According to Fashionista, "Not only is the comic fashionable and funny, but it retails for only two dollars making it a guilt-free purchase."

Will you be willing to buy these?

<3 Audrey Allure


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am obsessed with Lady Gaga, so yes I would buy one of these comic books in a heartbeat. And plus, a fashionista/pop star as a superhero? That's a fantasy within itself! I wonder if you can purchase one online...

Mina said...

I would want to buy one! Not that fond of Lady Gaga, but I like her songs.

amynaree said...

oh these are cool and affordable so I think I would definitely buy them just to have! :)

Anonymous said...

mh. looks cool. i don't know if i buy it - jet

SUGAR said...

i would sooooo buy one! totally awesome idea, super cheap and perfect combiation of marc and gaga ;)

love it


la petite fashionista said...

love this.. want one!

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