Vio Vibe

Monday, September 28, 2009

Yesterday I went shopping with my cousin in SoHo, and there were people handing out this Vio drink. It came in four flavors: Very Berry, Peach Mango, Citrus Blend, and Tropical Colada. I tried the Peach Mango & Citrus Blend, and it reminds me of Jones Soda & FUSE drinks. I thought it was good. I'm hoping I could stop by and grab some more for free. haha

<3 Audrey Allure


Jennifer Fabulous said...

Looks YUMMY! :)

SUGAR said...

ahah free drinks are the best drinks ;)


Becky (everyday makeup) said...

I love free stuff. I rememeber they used to give us free monster and vitamin water in college lol. Oh and i love jones soda too.

mina said...

Looks good, can't say no to free stuff anyway, lol!

Anonymous said...

cool. i don't taste that drink. how is it?

Anonymous said...

i want to try them now :)

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