Toni Francesc Fashion Show

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So my friend could not attend the show because she went to the Baby Phat show instead so she let me take her spot. Although, it was not standing room nor an actual seat, it was an invite/ticket for photo/press. Which I think is the best view besides being front row. Press get full on frontal views.
I met a few photographers minutes prior to the show, and that allowed me to get an amazing spot way up front. Although I felt a bit out of place since I was the only one in the photo area using an amateur digital camera, while everyone else was using those professional ones (because most of them work for editorial), it was a thrilling experience.

I really enjoyed the collection. The pieces were very classy, sophisticated, and absolutely exquisitely beautiful.

Here are just some shots I've taken. I have more on my Facebook. If you want to see them, and do not have me added yet, just leave me your email and I'll friend request you <3<3 Audrey Allure


Sher said...

omg, I love that blue dress so much, so flowy and ethereal!! You're one lucky girl!!!

SUGAR said...

so pretty! and amateur cameras are where its at ;)


Rai said...

That's Baby Phat? Whoa!

Tania said...

i so envy you!! What does your job consist of, precisely? What do you do? :D
this collection is great, the last dress is <3, it totally suits the girl!

la petite fashionista said...

i agree- a photo/press seat is as good as front row view! great shots and beautiful clothes! hope you had a good fashion week:)

Mina said...

I love that second and fourth dress!

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