Picnic in Central Park

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Yesterday, I went with some friends to one of my other favorite places in New York City - Central Park. We set up a little picnic under the shady trees. It was the perfect day to relax. Nice & sunny, yet breezy and absolutely no rain!

We ate a lot of junk food - I swear we probably had everything from Sour Patch Straws to Ruffles Baked Potato Chips. We also brought our own sandwiches for ourselves. I brought my bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich.

Then we bumped and kicked around a volleyball for awhile, though we had to constantly watch out for little kids. After awhile we just relaxed again on our blankets. And we decided on eating at Max Brenner's for dinner. I wore gray sweatpants & mud got all over my butt area so I actually had to wear Sarah's sarong over it for the rest of the night. Overall, I had a great, relaxing time.
<3 Audrey Allure

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Mina said...

Omg I miss Central Park. It sounds like a really good day!

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