Warped Tour 2009 !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Yesterday I went to Warped Tour with Andres, Alexis, and Jonathan then met up with Angelica a bit later. Overall, I had an amazing time. Saw all the bands I wanted to see and got evenly tanned on my face unlike some other people we saw haha.

Below is my favorite picture of all of us. Too bad Angelica wasn't with us at that time.
Haha, Andres stuck this sticker on Jonathan's back and he didn't notice for a long time. lol
Lights! She's amazing & so gorgeous! But I'm glad she decided to sing "February Air", "Drive My Soul", and "Ice" (my three fave songs from her) along with "Last Thing On Your Mind" - it was featured in an Old Navy commercial.
Right after, we saw Hit The Lights. Although, we left midway because it got really hot and the crowd got really rowdy. Usually I'd stay and mosh along with them but it was way too hot for so much body contact.
Angelica met up with us!
Then we saw The White Tie Affair!! <3 Chrissss! This was the band I wanted to see the most at Warped. This made my day. Although, I didn't bother waiting at the side by the fence for them with a bunch of other girls. And I was too lazy to find their booth. lol
LAME moshpit. This is nothing!
Breathe Carolina! Except I think they sound better on record than live.
Then we checked out TV/TV - the band Angelica helped put up posters for in the morning. They're not bad at all, but me & Andres were watching them from sitting & leaning against a fence so we didn't go close, but we could still see them from where we were.
Haha, and on our way out some guy approaches me and asks me "Hey, do you like metal?" (He was trying to promote his band's CD) I say "No." Then he goes "Would you like to be my wife?" Haha I thought it was adorably hilarious.

Next year, I definitely want to check out Bamboozle.
<3 Audrey Allure


Mina said...

Lol, that man is so awesome. That's something I would say to a random person, lmao. That's so cool, I love Lights too! Now I wanna mosh....

la petite fashionista said...

what a fun day! i looove your yellow top, its my fav color.. so bright and cheery!

Unknown said...

you look so adorable and pretty!!

Unknown said...

looks like tons of fun there! you look pretty as well


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