A Shopping Day in SoHo

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I went shopping yesterday & today in SoHo with my cousin, Kathleen. These are my lovely purchases haha. First, here are these really comfortable shoes.Here's this creme colored bag - which will be my fall (back to classes) bag. I love this color.I finally got a new pair of jeans, and they fit perfectly!Some white rose earrings I got, I've been looking for white jewelry.This top is actually darker in real life, and I love the studs.And this lovely creme colored top, with vertical ruffles!<3 Audrey Allure


Mina said...

I love your choices! My favorite are the boots! Their the exact ones I've been looking for! Love those flower earrings too!

Unknown said...

lovely ankle boots!


Kimberly said...

Great steals! I'm in need of a Fall Bag and some new "perfect fitting" jeans. Lol, more power to you!

Leia said...

Don't you just love shopping days? :)

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