New Art at 5Pointz/All Day in the City

Sunday, June 14, 2009

So me & Andres decided to go on that Rachel Nasvik handbag "scavenger hunt". We first decided to check out the new art at 5Pointz first. (thanks for the tip, Julian!) Didn't take as many pictures as I liked since I was more into actually looking at it than snapping photos. lol Ate brunch at the diner across the street after.Then we headed to Bryant Park/New York Public Library and just sat and chilled there for awhile. Chatted it up while we were there. Unfortunately, I found out Rachel Nasvik was hiding her handbags in Brooklyn today, and we didn't feel like going there.The Puerto Rican parade was also today, and that kind of bummed out our day because the streets were blocked for it. And all these people clogged up the subway stations. After Bryant Park, we decided to head to the upper east side. Apparently the PR parade was also there, and we couldn't even cross the street to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had to walk like 9 blocks in order to turn and cross. Because of our delay, the museum already started to close. Then we couldn't even get to Central Park to sit because of all the massive crowds of people and the streets were still blocked even though the parade passed through already. And wow, was there a huge mess they left behind.Decided to head back home; overall I had a great day. I even got slightly tan from traveling all over the city today. lol

<3 Audrey Allure


la petite fashionista said...

awe too bad you didn't get to participate in the hunt but kudos for trying! That artwork is so cool !:)

mina said...

Aw that's great. That sounded so fun. I can't wait to be back in New York, and have a life again! Lol!

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