Monday, May 18, 2009

So who has a lookbook? I'm just looking for some hype. I know, the shots I have there now isn't the best, but I promise there will be better ones in the future! haha. It was just something to get me started.

My lookbook is: http://lookbook.nu/audreyallure
It's invite only, so if you don't have one & would like to be invited, let me know your email address!

<3 Audrey Allure


mina said...

I've never even heard of lookbook. Now I may sign up! Lol!

Canefora said...

I love lookbook, I go there everyday! :] It's so cool that you have one now. Maybe one day you'll have the most hyped outfit of the week? ;]

- T.

iambeautiful20 said...

how cool!

DeVilled said...

That seems pretty cool! I'll let you know if I join. =)

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