Horus Cafe & Kebab Lounge

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yesterday, me & Andres hung out with a few of my close friends, Navita & Rohit. It was so good seeing them again since I haven't in awhile. We decided to do some hookah, and we tried this place, the Horus Cafe & Kebab Lounge. So whoever does hookah, you know you usually go after 6PM. LOL We went a bit early since we wanted to eat too, so we drove there about 4. Ate some scrumptious chicken kebabs. SO good. I'm actually craving some now. We also ate some salads, pita bread + hummus, and some rice.

Anyways, we tried two hookahs, the green apple and another one which was a mix of grapefruit & some other fruit - our waitress said it was one of their specials and was really popular. Both were good, but the mixed one was definitely better.

We should've gone later, since the dancers come out later at night, but whatever. We were hungry. lol Definitely was a good time though.
<3 Audrey Allure


Becky Cope said...

ha! i love hookah, i used to have a pipe from egypt but broke it travelling up to uni! xx

Blueishy said...

wow...you're eating Arabic foods? that's good!I love hummus so much :)

DeVilled said...

I remember I tried hookah when I went to Germany last year. Never mix it with beer. Blech!
The food sounds delicious though! =)

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