Topshop Opening Day !

Thursday, April 02, 2009

So today was the grand opening of Topshop - well awaited. Went with my friend Alexis, stood on a 2 block long line to get in. But didn't wait long, and totally worth the trip. I love Topshop. Wish I was there earlier in the morning to see Kate Moss cut the rope when doors opened, but oh well. I purposely didn't bring a lot of cash because I know I'd blow it all, and well I'm low on cash since I've been shopping these past few weekends, I'm trying to save some dough. I did walk away with a cute pair of tights though. Used my Topshop giftcard, and the fabulous student discount, haha.
I'm totally going back soon to buy a ton of stuff. Btw, saw these hilarious signs while waiting on line.


DeVilled said...

Topshop was fantastic! We SO have to go back once we're not flat broke, haha. =)

la petite fashionista said...

must be so nice to live in the city! I bet the topshop opening was a crazy experience :) smart girl to not bring too much money!

Becky Cope said...

ahhh so glad topshop has come to the states!
are you on lookbook lovely? if you're not i can send you an invite! whats your email address? i've just posted my first look and would love some hype + comments! xxxx

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