Retail Therapy

Saturday, March 14, 2009

So I've been sick recently, with just a sore throat right now. I had it worse a couple days ago with a banging headache and temperature issues (feeling really cold, then feeling really hot). Originally, my plan was to go shoe shopping in SoHo yesterday but I didn't feel well at all. Today, I did feel better so I decided to go shopping with my cousin, Kathleen.

My goal was to find a pair of heels I can wear for corporate events and job interviews, and for my Field Trip class since it is part of our dress code. I found these pair of heels easily. They're simple and appropriate for work; they're cheap & comfortable. Who knew I'd find my heels at Payless?
Then, I treated my cousin to Max Brenner's for her birthday. Yum - we hit brunch time. I ordered two scrambled eggs mixed with bacon with a side of home fries and homemade bread with choices of peanut butter, butter, chocolate, etc. to go with it. Then I ordered a fruit smoothie afterward - delicious.

Went shopping some more after.
Got this skirt at Chill. I wanted this in black and yellow circles but they only had medium and large sizes, but the gray one isn't bad. I was also going to get these comfortable 2-inch gray heels but they didn't have my size.
Of course, got to stop at Uniqlo for basics!


mina said...

I love that skirt!!!

gisel. said...

I got flats from Payless recently! I was surprised at the cute flats they actually had.

Becky Cope said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the skirt. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to ME! Awesome purchases we got yesterday... I love finding bargains.

DeVilled said...

Ahh, I've been looking for interview shoes for the longest time! I have to keep reminding myself that 6-inch stilettos are not professional, haha.
Cute stuff!

Jam said...

lol. This is a funny/cute entry. Retail Therapy, probably one of the illest blog titles i've seen/read. I mean i don't know about heels but i'll check out the "shoes" so we all can have "retail therapy" =)

ErinRose said...

Oh, I love the skirt! I've been looking for great Spring skirts all weekend and that one is perfect. I definitely like the gray.

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