Milan Fashion Week

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

As you fellow Fashionistas know, New York & London already showcased their fashion week, and right now Fashion Week is happening in Milan.

Okay, so it might be a little late to tell you what I liked for New York & London's Fashion Weeks, but here are some of my favorites from Milan Fashion Week right now.

From the 01 01 09 Allegri Show:
I felt the collection was really about the 1940s, very classy and elegant yet sexy at the same time. Plus, as my magazines professor always says, "1940s was the sexiest time".
From the D&G Show:
I felt it was very Art Nouveau; very romantic and 20th century, but I also like the edginess as well.
From the Versace show:
Very bright, playful, and sophisticated.

Oh, and I just have to say, i LOVEEEE these Vivienne Westwood coral plastic heels. So cute!


mina said...

Man these are beautiful! So cool! And thanks for the comment. It's weird that you mention Shimmy from Fit tv because earlier today I did All Star Workouts, it was a kickboxing one and I loved it =D I will def. try out the Shimmy =D Thanks again =D

Jam said...

HOT pictures...WE live some interesting lives =)

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