Teen Vogue/LeSportSac Party hosted by Sophia Bush

Friday, February 20, 2009

Goodbye New York Fashion Week! (Today is the last day).
I hung out inside the tents on Day 6, just to chill in the lounge and get some candy haha. I didn't bother going in yesterday, day 7 or today, day 8. I could have gone today since the Project Runway show was this morning, but I didn't feel like waking up early. lol

So last night, I went to the Teen Vogue/LeSportSac 35th anniversary celebration hosted by Sophia Bush. It was held in the LeSportSac store in the lower east side. (Last minute I found out I had an opportunity to attend the Christian Siriano fashion show, but it was too last minute to change my plans).
I went with my friend Sara and my boyfriend Andres. It got really packed, but it was fun. There was a live DJ and waiters walking around with cute hors d'oeuvres - like REALLY tiny burgers, sparkling fruit drinks, cheese sandwiches, tiny paper cones filled with fries, champagne, and tons and tons of candy.Some more pictures from the event:


Anonymous said...

I like this pic of you and Andres... you guys make such a cute couple. :o)

mina said...

i love all these pictures you are soo beautiful!!

Blueishy said...

so sweeeettt!

Rylie said...

you look lovely!

the tiny burgers sound yummy!

Becky Cope said...

i love that hat! hats were EVERYWHERE at london fashion week.
hope you had fun at the party, it sounds really cool! i love sophia bush. xxx

JAYFENDii said...

oh how i wish i was there during fashion week

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