Shopping Spree in Brooklyn / Lower Manhattan

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yesterday, I went with Gisel, Andres, and my cousin Paul to well..basically everywhere to shop. Our first stop: Brooklyn. We checked out Stuart & Wright's Sample Sale. There was this beautiful turquoise silk skirt that was on sale, but meaning on sale it was $68. So I didn't get it since I didn't want to spend so much for one item, especially in our first store lol. So i bought this pleated, 100% silk top designed by Myth Ritual. Totally worth the $25. Haha.

Then we headed towards Lower Manhattan. We stopped at Oak Nyc (from my previous blog entry, where I want to buy the whole store) Of course, it's out of my price range, but we couldn't help just walking in to look. And touch. lol

Walked into Urban Outfitters (big duh!, can't just walk by lol). I bought a turquoise top, in large. There were no smaller sizes but I figured I could wear it as a mini dress with my white belt. I also bought two pairs of tights. Bumped into Bethany there. lol
Then I stumbled into ZARA (one of my favorite stores). I instantly fell in love with this cute red floral bubble skirt.
After, went to UNI-QLO. I have to admit, this store definitely beats American Apparel for me. Plus, I needed more basics so I just bought two v-cut cotton shirts. I'm going back to get jeans though for sure.
So basically that took up 6 hours+ of shopping (yes, 6 hours! we started at noon, and it was like 6:30pm by the time we stopped and looked at the time) and we were hungry. We first stopped at M&M World to show Paul since it's his first time in New York City. Also passed by Hershey World. Decided to eat at Applebee's nearby.

Went home, watched The Dish (yes, that's what I watch Saturday nights if I'm home in time lol). Then watched Rob & Big with Paul & Andres. Then it got late and I passed out asleep.


Molly Gray // Flavia M. said...

The clothes are really colorful, very spring/summer. You will be fierce wearing them... hahaha

la petite fashionista said...

oh how i love NYC shopping sprees and sample sales & you've found some good deals!

Monica Meneses said...

that skit is really the cutest skirt ever!

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