Day 3, 4, and 5 of New York Fashion Week !

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 3: well basically not much since I didn't go at all on day 3. i was busy with other things but from my other co-workers nothing fun happened then. all i missed was the diane von furstenburg show, but that didn't matter since i saw her on the previous day.

Day 4: this day got a lot more crowded, mostly because more and more famous designers were showing their lines - carolina herrera, jill stuart, tracy reese, cynthia rowley, william rast, marc jacobs, etc. definitely a lot more photographers than the previous days - finally felt like last fashion week again with all the flashes of the cameras i kept seeing. it was comforting, i was started to miss all the commotion.i got sent to the Donna Karan show. saw Rachel Zoe and her assistant, Brad there. during the show i got a chance to talk to the photographers and a couple of international models that weren't working any shows this week. i spoke to this one model who was wearing Nylon's Nike sneakers. (if you don't know, Nylon is designing a line of sneakers for Nike and will be available for the public in June, which i am DEFINITELY buying) i'm not a sneaker person at all, but i first spotted them on Nylon's blog a few weeks ago and i am already patiently waiting for them.overall that day i saw Rachel Zoe & Brad, Nina Garcia, Christian Siriano, Jack from Project Runway, Ms. Jay from America's Next Top Model (who i took a picture with below), Paris & Nicky Hilton, Frenchie from Rock of Love (which was surprising to see someone like her at an event like this), and the amazing Anna Wintour (which was even more surprising since she entered through the front door!), and I also spotted the editors of Elle and Seventeen magazines.I was also going to be sent to the Marc Jacobs show, but I declined because it was getting late and I needed to wake up at 5:30am the next morning for classes. Really was no biggie.

Day 5: I didn't go at all. I just went home after classes, although I did pass by briefly. I'm debating whether or not I should hang out at the tents tomorrow. If not, I will on Friday - the last day.

** For those who are asking about my job: it's a paid job (not a volunteer thing) courtesy of Blisset LLC. We work with the Daily Front Row Magazine in passing them out during Fashion Week, while we also are "models" since we have to wear sponsored clothing and pose for a couple of editorial photographers. Although this particular Fashion Week, hundreds of applicants were turned down because of the economy. They only hired back a percentage of the staff that worked previous Fashion Weeks. I got lucky, since I've only been with them since last Fashion Week in September 2008.


mina said...

omg, you are now my inspiration to get into the fashion business!!! thank you soo much lol meeting all those important people! i swear i wold have passed out if i saw any of those people you mentioned!! goodness. sorry im ranting lol

Riley said...

I can't believe you met Rachel Zoe. O.o You must have the best job in the world.
Makes me raise my career aspirations a little higher.

I hope the rest of your week goes well

Blueishy said...

Yeah I agree ..she got the best job ever!

Becky Cope said...

wow, your job is impressive. definitely going to look into that if im ever around new york near fashion week!
have put your site up on my links list, would love it if you could put mine on yours :) xx

gisel. said...

Haha, I love Ms. Jay!

Jam said...

YO, i'm officially a little jelous but in some good light , i'm amazed about how much more i know about you and it's seruously exciting seeing you have your dreams coming true in front of your very eyes. congrats

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