Oak = My New Love.

Friday, January 09, 2009

So I was reading the January issue of Nylon Magazine and I read about this store called Oak. It's located in the village as well as one in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'm checking out the stuff on their website, and I'm instantly falling in love with their stuff!! OMG. I want to buy almost their whole store. Here are just some of the things I'm lusting after.

Publicka - Zip Front Dress: $168
Gar-De Dolly Jacket: $640
Rick Owens Darkshadow Demin Drape Front Jacket: $470
Red Croc Clutch Wallet: $38 (Okay, I'm going to buy this since basically this is what I could afford, haha).Jeremy Scott Gold Tool Box Shield Sunglasses: $289 (I probably can't pull this off, but they look really cool.)
Complex Geometries Giant White/Black Square Hood Top: $145
Alex & Chloe Full Silver Antler Necklace: $94
Jeffrey Campbell Wild Heel: $87 (Hmm.. not bad pricing actually.. I might get this after I find it in the store and try it on)
United Bamboo Two Layer Top: $119
Orange by Angela Chen High Waist Skirt: $178

Maybe I'll treat myself to something after I work at Fashion Week this Feb. haha :) There goes my paycheck...


Anonymous said...

Very nice stuff!

DeVilled said...

I thought "Red Croc Clutch" said "Red Crotchless Clutch" LOL!
But OMG I love those shoes! We should go there one day!

Anonymous said...

Nice finds! They look very cool. I can see "Audrey" written all over them. ;]

My New Year's was great - I hope yours was too!

Ms M said...

That antler necklace is the stuff dreams are made of :) I hate it though in magazines when you see completly adorable stuff...that are all way out of your price range, bad times :(

Oooh, what are doing at fashion week?! Pray tell


Anonymous said...


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