The New Year!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Well, I've slowed down my life a bit. Haven't been going to as many events and concerts in awhile; a girl really needs a break! lol

I've ended my time as a sales consultant at Fossil, and it was a great experience, especially having the opportunity to help set up and actually help open the store - in Times Square! I also had the pleasure of having my own celebrity interaction, with Jeff Goldblum, and selling him a watch haha. Not bad for my first retail job experience.
On the other hand, my cousins are visiting from London currently and we recently went to this ultra cool restaurant called Ninja New York. Our table was private, since there were doors that we can close to give us our own space. However, the staff are all dressed as ninjas and they surprise attack the guests whenever. Lol. The place was pretty dim too, so it was unpredictable where the "ninjas" were going to come out. It was a lot of fun, and they had great food too.______________________
So how was everyone's New Year's?! I was planning on going to Times Square with a bunch of friends. However, that didn't happen. First, it was freeeeezing (not to mention, it was also snowing). Second, most of my friends couldn't make it last minute due to church parties or having their families wanting them home instead. The remainder of us decided it wasn't worth it going with just a few of us, so we're going to wait until next year. Doesn't really matter anyway since we have the privilege of living here in New York lol.

Anyways, for the new year, I'm going to try to blog more often haha.


Anonymous said...

ahh ninjas!! LMAO
hey girl, yep im a blogger now lmao
actually your and alexis blogs have inspired me to do so lol
its hella good therapy xoxo- marina

Andromeda said...

Yes! Here's to an adventurous, city-filled 2009! <3

JCazares said...

audrey!!! we are now blogging buddies again =D lol!

JCazares said...

hey i just read this entry and i really want to go to that restaurant!! lol all my life ive been calling myself a ninja (for laughs) lol it would be fun =). you think you could possibly let me know where it is! thanks =)

Monica said...

haha ninjas!
i feel like i want to go to this place, seems like an interesting experience

Ms M said...

ahahah oooh my god, that actually sounds like the coolest place in the world!

now they need to make a restaurant with pirates.... tehee

woop blog buddies! :p


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