Monday, January 12, 2009

My Fossil Company presentation is in two days, mostly ready for it. Almost done with my PowerPoint, but I spent the day with Andres instead. lol Great day (:

Anyways, I stumbled across this site : Atypyk
It's an online store from France, and they definitely do feature atypical items. I just thought the stuff they have are pretty cool, and interesting.
Here are some examples below:

Trash Can

Python Tape

Gun Ruler

Cheese Sponge


Flavia M. said...

that ruler is awesome!, and the tape so chic! hahaha..
by the way.. your articles were amazing!.. later on im sending you the drafts...

Jam said...

I must say, i love your layout and the pictures you put up. although i doubt i would buy a cheese sponge, it's very interesting. And you attended the MTV woodies? What is that? And was he cool? i would definitely want to do a song or meet up with him. What school do you go to again?

Monica Meneses said...

omg the gun ruler is so cool, i want it

Ms M said...

ahah a cheese sponge?! that is like ten of the coolest things i have seen today


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