Another Day In the City

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Okay, so Fridays seem to be my new Saturdays; Last Friday I went to 5Pointz and PS1 with some friends. Only walked one side of 5pointz since none of us really wanted to walk around the whole building. But what we saw was pretty cool. Then, walked through the halls of PS1. We lied down on the floor of this one room with a huge revolving mirror, which was pretty cool. Pretty relaxing after awhile. That was probably my favorite room besides the "swimming pool" where you can actually walk inside of.Then, ate at Max Brenner's for dinner. Had my usual dinner, but for dessert I tried the Nostalgic Pop Rock Chocolate Lick. It basically was a shotglass of chocolate with pop rock candy on top and gummy bears on the side. It was pretty good, but after awhile it was difficult to chug the chocolate since it was thick. lol.

And now it sucks that my weekend's about to end. Monday's are probably my busiest since I have the most classes, and it sucks that I don't have all my textbooks yet. Gosh, ordering from Amazon online is not quick enough. I basically have to run over to the Writing Center to skim through the chapter minutes before my English Composition class tomorrow. But that technically was my fault. I could've went to the Writing Center on Thursday, but I wasn't even thinking about it then.
Okay, I'm rambling on now. I'm gonna stop.


Jenny Mariposa said...

I love that pool ceiling optical trick, how did they do that?! AHHH I want to visit you in NYC!

Jam said...

OH SNAP you went to the graffiti building. My friend once took a photoshoot there. I bet it's cooler now. Always thanks for the advice because i probably won't get it (BB Storm). And is that vikram in the pic? lol. Wow. College.

P.S. John Marz song is fire!

DeVilled said...

Love the pictures! And if I wasn't so afraid of Brooks tripping and falling on my face in the mirror room, I could have easily fallen asleep, haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those photos are amazing! The art looks so very cool. Everytime I go to the city, I'm always looking out for places like that, but I never seem to find them. :]

Kastina said...

Those are such neat pictures! So- really how does the water on the ceiling work? I get it's a pool....? I think.

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